Finding Peace in Challenging Times - Online Mindfulness Retreat with Hugh Byrne

Online Mindfulness Retreat

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  • Online Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness can be a wonderful tool for coping with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of these challenging circumstances. It can help us to find a sense of  calm, cultivate resilience, kindness and compassion, and connect more fully and compassionately with our experiences.

This half-day online mindfulness retreat with Hugh Byrne is an invitation to take some time for yourself and be supported in practice from the comfort of your own home. There will be guided meditation practice, supported by short talks, stories, poetries and sharing. It’s an opportunity be in an extended period of practice and cultivate bringing kindness and ease to our experiences.

The retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike, and is open to anyone with an interest in meditation. The retreat day will be offered online through Zoom. You will need your own private space, where you will feel comfortable engaging in the practices and ideally have room for some movement/walking practices. It's not essential for the space to be totally silent as any noises or interuptions can simply be woven into the practice. 

We have a number of reduced cost and free spaces availiable for those unable to pay the full amount. Please get in touch at for further details.

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