The Mindfulness Project offers a range of mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats to support people in learning to meditate and practice mindfulness.

The Project consists of an amazing team of support staff and mindfulness teachers coordinating and delivering a range of courses, workshops, and events in the field of mindfulness and mindful living. We are all extremely passionate about teaching and spreading mindfulness.

We aren't currently recruiting.


For Prospective Mindfulness Teachers

If you are interested in learning to teach mindfulness but are in the early stages of research, we recommend exploring the Good Practice Guidelines for mindfulness teachers and the BAMBA website as a first step.

Whilst we do not offer mindfulness teacher training, the majority of teaching courses require you to have completed an 8-Week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course as a pre-requisite.

We offer all of these courses regularly at The Mindfulness Project and all of our teachers follow the Mindfulness Teacher Good Practice Guidelines.


Teacher Training

If you have already completed an 8-week mindfulness course and have a regular practice there are a range of degree, postgraduate and master’s programmes available through Bangor University, University of Exeter, University of Oxford, University of Aberdeen and the University of Sussex which you may like to explore.

There are also a variety of networks and organisations offering mindfulness teacher training pathways consisting of a variety of training events, retreats and supervised teaching.

We are able to support some students with co-teaching opportunites. Please reach out to us to discuss this further.


Qualified & Experienced Teachers

We are always looking for new mindfulness teachers and to connect with other mindfulness enthusiasts, so please do get in touch if this is you.


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