The Mindfulness Project (then the trading name of London Mindfulness Centre Limited) was established as an innovative platform for sharing mindfulness with as many people as possible. This started in 2013, when we established a dedicated centre for mindfulness in Central London, where for many years we operated out of a beautiful space overlooking Fitzroy Square. Since the pandemic, we have moved most of our offering online and continue to run the same range of evidence-based courses and programmes for a wider community, which we are pleased to welcome from all corners of the UK and the world. We are still anchored in London and will continue to offer periodic in-person retreats and events to further connection and the experience of practicing together. 

We have an amazing team of advisors, support staff, and mindfulness teachers coordinating and delivering a full programme of mindfulness meditation courses, events and therapy. We are a leading provider of 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive therapy (MBSR/MBCT) courses, as well as mindful self-compassion (MSC) courses. We also offer more advanced courses, ongoing drop-in meditation classes, workshops, corporate sessions, and seminars on mindful-living topics to help support all levels of practice, creating a true hub for learning to meditate and practice mindfulness.

By offering a secular and evidence-based approach for improving health and wellbeing, we hope to teach our audience what meditation is and help make learning mindfulness meditation more accessible and relatable to a mainstream audience while keeping it real and meaningful.

The entire team is deeply motivated by the way the practice has changed and enriched their own lives and by the huge evidence base that shows it has the potential to do the same for many others. 

A new and exciting phase in the development of our work was the creation of a charity in late 2022. The charity offers the courses and events, including services to businesses, which are listed on our website, but its creation also allows us to extend the offering of mindfulness-based programmes to certain populations who would otherwise struggle to afford or access the services we offer. Funded by profits donated by London Mindfulness Centre Limited, the charity will have more scope to support research and awareness-raising work, develop new programmes and partner with other charitable organisations. Please contact us for more details.

How We

Our work of spreading mindfulness is carried in The Mindfulness Project name through two distinct but related legal entities: The Mindfulness Project, a registered charity (the “Charity”) and London Mindfulness Centre Limited, a non-profit limited company (the “Company”). Each entity governed by its own board. Each entity has similar aims, seeking to teach and promote mindfulness and mindfulness-based approaches to benefit mental and physical health.

The Charity is registered in England and Wales with the Charity Commission (no. 1200437) and as a company limited by guarantee (no. 13539410) with registered office at 39 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LG. The Charity carries out activities considered charitable under English law. These include our courses and events, as described on our website, as well as research and awareness-raising work, bursary support and programmes for disadvantaged communities.

The Company is a non-profit company registered in England & Wales, limited by guarantee (no. 9849982), with registered office at 39 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LG. The Company is engaged by the Charity as its operational partner, to deliver the Charity’s courses and events (listed on the “Courses” and “For Businesses” pages of this website) on the Charity’s behalf. As a social enterprise, the Company donates its profits to the Charity.






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