What’s the difference between a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course and a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course?

The MBSR and MBCT courses are very similar (95%). MBCT is actually an integration of the MBSR with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and was developed to help prevent relapses in recurrent depression.While our course is not exclusively oriented towards people with depression, it does draw on the MBCT course components that explicitly address the negative thought patterns that can perpetuate stress and lead to depression and anxiety. In that respect, we've enriched the MBSR to be helpful for a general population as well as people with depression or a tendency towards it.

Are there any criteria or requirements for the course?

There are no pre-requisites for attending the 8-Week MBSR Course. The course is ideal for those new to mindfulness and looking to learn to meditate. Research has indicated that the course is not ideal for those suffering from a current episode of depression and the group format can be difficult for some people with social anxiety. If you are suffering from one of these or any other mental health condition, we suggest you contact us prior to registering to determine if this is the best time to embark on a course.

Do you need any information from me prior to the course starting?

We do require that each participant complete a brief personal history questionnaire, which you will be prompted to complete at the end of the registration process. This will allow us to make the course teacher aware of any issues that they need to be sensitive to during the course and to schedule a follow up call, if necessary. If you navigated away from the questionnaire you can access through the following link: http://www.londonmindful.com/survey/1/8-week-courses-survey

How many other people will be on the 8-Week Course?

The 8-week course is a group course (unless you arrange private sessions with one of our mindfulness teachers). The number of people on the group course can vary, but typically ranges from 9 to a maximum of 15 participants.

I do not enjoy speaking in group situations – can I still attend the course?

There are times during each session where the teacher will encourage sharing of experiences; however there is no pressure to share in a group and you can talk to your teacher privately after the session if you wish to do so. If you do wish to share during the course, we request that all participants respect each other’s confidentiality and treat any information shared in the course group as confidential.

Are any resources provided during the course?

An in depth workbook is provided during the first session, which covers the theory of each session and details the homework for each week. Audio files with guided meditation practices will also be provided via email prior to the first session.

How much home practice is expected between sessions?

The course prescribes around 45 minutes of home practice each day between sessions. Ideally, participants should plan to build this time into their day. Much of the learning comes from the actual practice between sessions, so it is important that you make a commitment to doing it. There may be occasions during the course where you are not able to do the homework and working with the thoughts and emotions around that can also be valuable.

What do I wear to a course and do I need any special equipment?

During each session, we also ask that people remove their shoes before they go into the room, so you may just want to ensure you have socks with you. Several sessions (the first, second, third, and eighth) involve doing a body-scan practice lying on a yoga mat or mindful movement practice. You do not need to wear anything special, but you may want to consider avoiding skirts, suits or other restrictive or revealing clothing on these days. The rest of the meditations will be done seated in a chair. Cushions and blocks are available as necessary.

Are there concession rates available?

We do offer concession rates depending on the situation. We ask that prospective participants complete a brief questionnaire, so that we can verify eligibility for the course and the discounted rate. Please contact us for the link.

What if I need to miss the first session?

We do not allow participants to miss the first session unless they are able to schedule a make-up session with the teacher ahead of the second course session. This will come at an additional cost, which will depend on the teacher. You must first notify us if you plan to register for a course and not attend the first session.

What if I need to miss a session in the middle of the course?

Although it's not optimal, it is not a problem as such if you miss one session. However, we suggest that you not plan to miss more than two sessions during the 8 weeks.

May I attend a missed session with a different group later?

No. Due to group dynamics, we unfortunately can’t allow participants to attend a missed session with a different course group. You will receive an in depth handbook which will cover the theory of each session, and so you will be able to read up on the session you have missed and follow along with the homework for that week too.

I’ve booked a place on a course, but I can no longer attend – can I get a refund?

If a cancellation is requested at least 14 days before the first session of a course, we will refund the full fee minus a £30 administrative fee. Alternatively, the full fee can be applied as a credit towards a future course, which must be booked in advance and is subject to availability. We are unable to offer any refunds or course transfers less than 14 days prior to the first session or after the course has begun. Please see our full Terms and Conditions of bookings for more information: http://www.londonmindful.com/terms-mind

I’m registering someone else for a course – how do I provide you with their information?

During the checkout process, the name and contact details collected will need be related to the billing information. At the end of the checkout process, you will be directed to the participant questionnaire page, which will give you the option to forward the questionnaire to the person who will be attending. If you inadvertently navigate away from that page, you can return to it via the following link: http://www.londonmindful.com/survey/1/8-week-courses-survey

I have started learning mindfulness using a book at home. Would there be any benefit in attending an 8-week course?

We sometimes hear from people who've started with one of the books that they have trouble really getting their practice started or maintaining it. In those cases, it can be helpful to have the structure/commitment of the 8-week course, the support of a teacher and the group interaction. There is a lot of experiential practice in the sessions and as homework in between, so you'll really have a chance to build a practice, which might prove challenging otherwise. There is also a lot of value in hearing other people's experiences, so doing the course in a group can be quite enriching.