Rosalie Dores

Specialisms: One-to-one, MBSR, Relational Mindfulness, Focusing & Active Hope

Rosalie teaches our MBSR, Relational and Focusing group courses. She specialises in working one-to-one and has supported hundreds of individuals through their learning journeys. With her extensive teaching experience and wealth of knowledge, Rosalie is adept at meeting you where you are and being responsive to your particular needs. Rosalie’s ultimate goal is to empower you to take charge of your own well-being.

Rosalie is a relational mindfulness teacher, and brings the qualities of presence, deep listening, empathy, authenticity and compassion to her work. Additionally, she is a certified Focusing practitioner, an approach that she weaves into her work to support people in accessing deep inner resources of emotional intelligence.

Rosalie is a mindfulness supervisor, mentor, trainer and retreat lead for The Mindfulness Network. Her Master's thesis explored experiences of empathy in mindfulness teaching.


Alex Irving

Specialisms: One-to-one, MBSR, Taking Mindfulness Deeper

Since he started teaching in 2011, Alex has focused on two questions. How do you make mindfulness easy, so that anyone can learn it? Especially those who don't come to it naturally. And how do you deepen mindfulness so that it really works? For all those frazzled, anxious people who need it.

Alex's approach is that of a coach and a guide. He knows the territory well. He also loves working with people to discover what works for them. That is one of the joys of working one-on-one. Finding out what works for you so that you can get what you want out of it.

With a background in osteopathy and a Masters in Pain Science, Alex has experience of helping people with pain. He also supervises mindfulness teachers through The Mindfulness Network.


Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher

Specialisms: One-to-one, MBSR, MBCT, Mindful Self-Compassion

As well as teaching our Mindful Self-Compassion courses, Zoe is a highly experienced mindfulness and compassion based psychotherapist / counsellor. Since 2010 she has supported countless individuals through tailored one-to-one programmes with a mindfulness or self-compassion focus.

Zoe is a mindfulness supervisor and retreat lead for The Mindfulness Network, and a teacher trainer and mentor for the Centre for MSC. Drawing on her depth of practice and breadth of teaching knowledge she is skilled at meeting you where you are and responding creatively to support you in a personalised and unique way in uncovering how these approaches will resource you.

Zoe's therapy background means she offers a safe, trauma-informed and sensitive empathic space for you to begin or deepen your mindful exploration.


T +44(0)20 3289 8132