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Ecopsychology has been defined by the roots of the word to mean:

"Knowing that the earth is home to the soul” Oikos=Home / Psyche=Soul / Logos=Knowledge

Stepping away from everyday life, and spending time for yourself on a mindfulness retreat is a powerful way to relax, reconnect and restore. This urban mindfulness retreat is the perfect opportunity to spend time connecting with mindfulness and nature in one of London’s beautiful green spaces, with like-minded individuals and under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Nature itself is a profound mindfulness teacher. It can teach us about patience, stillness and how to let go and just be with the ever-changing nature of things. Bringing the principles of mindfulness into the practice of connecting with nature can enhance the therapeutic benefits of both. By dedicating a weekend to practice mindful nature connection, we can begin to allow healing, restore connection with the natural world and be reminded of the inner ease and presence that connecting with mindfulness and nature can bring. The retreat also serves as a reminder that we don’t need to leave the city to be able to connect with ourselves or the natural world.

The retreat will be led by Salma Darling, who in addition to being a highly-regarded and experienced mindfulness teacher, is a body-oriented psychotherapist and eco-psychologist with a passion for connecting people with nature through mindfulness practices.

Held in our space overlooking Fitzroy Square garden, and spending time in the nearby Regent’s Park, you will be guided through practices that allow you to slow down and deepen your mindfulness practice away from everyday distractions. Over the course of two days, there will be alternating periods of silence and practice, walking meditation, nature connection practices, and sitting practice, at our space and in Regent’s Park.

Timings: Saturday & Sunday: 10am-4pm


  • This is a non-residential urban retreat.
  • No previous mindfulness experience required.
  • There will be a maximum of 12 participants on the retreat.
  • A participant questionnaire will need to be completed to attend the retreat. This will be emailed to you after booking.
  • Lunch will not be provided -- you are welcome to bring your own lunch or visit one of the cafes/shops in the surrounding area.