Integrating Mindfulness into Family Life

Mindfulness for Families

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  • Mindfulness for Families

Family life can be fast-paced, full of individual needs, busyness and digital-distractions. By practicing mindfulness together as a family, we can find ways to counteract the challenges of modern life and ensure we are making the most of the precious moments we have together.

Mindfulness offers practitioners, of any age, tools to help them feel calmer, manage stress, become more resilient and find greater happiness and ease. It can also offer families techniques and strategies to be more present with each other, have greater connectedness and strengthen family bonds and relationships. Importantly, it also offers parents the opportunity to simply enjoy the experience of being a parent, reducing anxiety and worry.

In this interactive 1.5 hour workshop Christiane Kerr, longstanding mindfulness teacher to both adults and children, will introduce skilful ways you can begin to integrate mindfulness into daily family life. The workshop will cover:

  • How to engage children with mindfulness;
  • Using the breath as a tool to calm the nervous system;
  • Listening practices and ways to communicate more mindfully as a family;
  • Pocket mindfulness -  exercises to use as you go about your day;
  • Mindfulness as part of a bedtime routine; and
  • Mindful movement for the whole family to support focus and grounding.

This workshop offers a compassionate and supportive space to explore bringing mindfulness into parenting and family life. 



  • This workshop is aimed at parents with children aged 5-11.
  • The workshop itself is only suitable for those aged 18+.
  • You are welcome to attend as an individual or with another adult from the same household.
  • A handout with the family practices will be provided as part of the workshop.
  • No prior mindfulness experience is required.

Zoom/Computer Requirements:

  • PC/Laptop/Macbook or Tablet. 
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Stable internet connection.