Private Mindfulness for Pain Session

Private Mindfulness for Pain Session

Mindfulness for Pain - One-to-One Coaching with Alexander Irving

Pain is a distressing experience which can be useful in helping us avoid injury and allow for healing to take place. The most obvious aspect of the experience is the unpleasant feeling in the body, but pain also involves our thoughts and emotions, all of which combine to protect us by changing our behaviour.

Much of the time this works well, but for one in four people pain persists longer than three months, affecting their daily lives and resisting attempts to make things better. How do you work with pain that persists?
We now know that the most effective approaches to persistent pain involve working with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person. Mindfulness is an empowering, educational approach which includes all of these dimensions.
What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a way of getting to know the body and mind so that we can work with them to support well-being, health and happiness. It involves learning to become more aware of whatever is happening; physically, mentally and emotionally, with a patient, non-judgemental mind-set. This allows us to begin to regulate the different aspects of pain which can, over time, reduce the impact they have on us.
Mindfulness Coaching for Persistent Pain
These sessions are designed to combine pain education with individually tailored mindfulness training, so that you can understand what is going on and how you can work with pain in ways that are useful. This educational approach is combined with mindfulness training tailored to each person's needs. The mindfulness training includes daily formal and informal mindfulness exercises and mindful movement.

This process begins with a 90-minute initial session where we take time to understand your pain and how it is affecting your life. In this session we also introduce mindfulness, exploring what mindfulness is, how it can help with pain and how a training program works. For those without an established mindfulness practice a training program typically involves 8, 60-minute sessions scheduled over 8 to 12 weeks. The initial seession costs £125, and then the 1hr sessions are charged at £85.

You can book the orientation session on this page. If you would like to find out more about this approach you can also contact Alex directly at

About the Teacher: Alexander Irving
Alex began his working life as an Osteopath. Over the years, he developed a particular interest in helping people understand what was going on with their pain and what they could do to help themselves. This interest led him to learn more about pain, gaining a Masters degree in Pain Science. With his long-standing personal practice of mindfulness, Alex then went on train to teach mindfulness, completing a Masters degree in Teaching Mindfulness. If you would like to find out more about this approach before booking, you can contact Alex at