Self-Compassion Workshop

Self-Compassion Workshop

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  • Self-Compassion Workshop

Self-compassion is the heart of mindfulness and self-compassion skills help us be kind and caring toward ourselves rather than being critical and judgemental. It allows us feel connected to others when we suffer, rather than feeling isolated and alone.

Unlike self-esteem, the good feelings of self-compassion do not depend on being special and better than other people; instead, they come from caring about ourselves and recognising that we all go through difficult times and it’s only human to get distressed on occasion.

About the Workshop

This introductory workshop will help you learn the skills of self compassion so you can respond to difficult times in your life with kindness and care.

The workshop will be experiential, including guided meditations, exercises, discussion and theory. During the workshop you will begin to learn how to:

  • Practice self-compassion and kindness in your daily life
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Support yourself during those times when you suffer, fail, or feel inadequate
  • Learn how to appreciate yourself

A large and increasing body of research, much of it conducted by Dr. Kirstin Neff, suggests that self-compassion reduces anxiety and depression, enables us to develop healthy habits such as diet and exercise, develop more satisfying personal relationships, builds resilience in the face of challenges, and improves overall well being.

Computer Requirements:

  • A PC/Laptop/Macbook or Tablet with access to Zoom.
  • A webcam and microphone.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • A private space where you will be undisturbed.

Further Information:

  • No previous mindfulness or self-compassion experience required.
  • Participants that find the session helpful may like to explore the 8-Week Mindful Self-Compassion Course as a next step.
  • This class will be held on Zoom.
  • The teacher and participants will be live and visible. There will be group and one-to-one interaction as you would expect in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Please contact us ( if you'd like to test Zoom or your internet connection before the session.
  • Registrants will receive additional details a few days before the session. 
  • For international participants, please  >> Convert Timezone <<

Concession Rates:

To ensure our offering is open to all, we offer a limited number of concession spaces on some of our courses and all workshops / masterclasses on a first-come-first-served basis. This includes Thursday evening, daytime and graduate courses, as well as courses starting outside of our peak booking periods in January, February, March, September and October.

If you would like to apply, please complete our >> Concession Rate Questionnaire << and we will get back to you as soon as possible.