Mindfulness Retreat Day

Mindfulness Retreat Day

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Join us for an online day retreat, where you can take a short break from day-to-day life and spend the day for yourself.

Your mindfulness practice might be supporting you currently, or may have slipped a somewhat. This day is the perfect opportunity to spend some time deepening or reconnecting with your practice. Taking time out for ourselves, to practice self-care, allows us to be more present and supportive to others in our lives.

The day will be spent in silence, with a familiar range of guided meditations that will help you to engage and deepen your mindfulness practice.

You will need your own private space, where you will feel comfortable engaging in the practices and ideally have room for some lying down and movement practices. It's not essential for the space to be totally silent as any noises or interruptions can simply be woven into the practice. 

Please note, after an initial check-in there will be no need for you to feedback until the end of the day.

Is the retreat day suitable for me?

This retreat is intended for people who have completed an eight-week MBSR or MBCT course, or for those that were unable to attend the retreat day as part of their course. We also welcome those that have a longstanding and regular meditation practice that have previously attended a retreat day.

IMPORTANT: Please contact us via friend@londonmindful.com before booking if you are unsure if this retreat day is suitable for you. All participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire which must be received 24 hours before the start of the retreat day in order to take part. This will be sent to you via email after booking.

You will need:

  • A PC/Laptop/Macbook or Tablet with access to Zoom
  • A webcam and microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • A private space where you can be undisturbed
  • A computer setup that allows you to comfortably listen and see the screen
  • Any mats, cushions, or blankets you might like to use throughout the day
  • Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing is recommended
  • For international participants, please  >> Convert Timezone <<

Concession Rates:

To ensure our offering is open to all, we offer a limited number of concession spaces on some of our courses and all workshops / masterclasses on a first-come-first-served basis. This includes Thursday evening, daytime and graduate courses, as well as courses starting outside of our peak booking periods in January, February, March, September and October.

If you would like to apply, please complete our >> Concession Rate Questionnaire << and we will get back to you as soon as possible.