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Mindfulness for Work

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Work presents a full spectrum of challenges that have a big impact on our overall well-being and sense of balance. From overwhelming workloads to difficult colleagues, organisational politics, and even our own self-criticism and unfulfilled ambitions -- there are a lot of factors that can stifle our productivity and happiness at work.

By providing the tools to better manage our inner resources, mindfulness allows us to change the way we respond in potentially stressful situations. This one-day workshop will explore the following themes and ways of bringing mindfulness into work life.

  • Focus and Concentration: Using mindfulness practices to train our awareness and improve our ability to bring our attention back from distractions.
  • Optimising Performance: Becoming more aware of our stress-levels and recognising what we need to be able to perform at our best.
  • Self-Awareness: Using mindfulness to bring awareness to the patterns in our work lives that hold us back and/or generate stress (e.g. having unrealistic expectations, or tendencies toward procrastination and perfectionism).
  • Dealing with Difficult Emotions at Work: Learning skillful ways of identifying and handling our emotions and improving our ability to respond rather than react in stressful situations.
  • Working with Kindness: Learning to be kinder and more patient with ourselves when we make a mistake or get lost in anxiety around our work, and extending this kindness to others as well.
  • Communication: Mindfully listening to others and improving our ability to take other perspectives and more skillfully express our views.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Increased understanding of our own and other people’s emotions, and using this to effectively self-regulate and work with greater empathy.
  • Strategic Renewal: Developing brief mindfulness breaks that will create space for you to recuperate and ultimately win back time during the work day.



No prior mindfulness experience required. This workshop is open and welcome to all.
  • This class will be held on a web-based platform. 
  • The teacher and participants will be live and visible at various times. Do contact us (friend@londonmindful.com) if you'd like to check out/test the online platform & your internet connection beforehand.

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