Mindfulness for Sleep

Mindfulness for Sleep

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  • Mindfulness for Sleep

Sleep is not just a wonderful thing, it also lays the foundation for our days and is essential to our wakeful wellbeing and performance. But, sometimes it is not so easy to come by. The different stresses and challenges that life inevitably presents can impact our ability to fall asleep and the quality of our sleep. Digital distractions and other external influences can also interfere. Once our sleep becomes regularly compromised, we may start to worry and feel anxious about not sleeping, which can perpetuate a vicious cycle of trying to control it followed by more arousal, wakefulness and worryand less sleep.

This one-day workshop will provide you with a better understanding of the biology of sleep and what healthy habits you can adopt to support you in having a better quality of sleep. It will introduce some key Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) skills to help you step out of the unhelpful patterns of habit and worry, and ultimately have better sleep.

Through a combination of educational teaching, guided meditation, ACT exercises and group discussion, the workshop will cover:

  • What affects our sleep and what healthy sleep actually looks like;
  • Mindfulness tools to help us notice when we are entangled in unpleasant and challenging thoughts and emotions;
  • Strategies to help us deal with these thoughts and emotions more effectively, so that they have less power over us; and
  • How we can use ACT to help us to connect with and live more in line with our values, so we can make choices in our lives to support better sleep.

  • No previous experience of mindfulness is needed.
  • The workshop is designed for people who find themselves struggling with sleep from time to time especially during stressful periods. It aims to prevent rather than treat insomnia.
  • The workshop is not a substitute for psychotherapy.