Mindfulness for Sleep Workshop

Mindfulness for Sleep

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  • Mindfulness for Sleep

About the Workshop

Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World was this year’s topic for World Sleep Day. It encapsulates why sleep matters so much to our lives. 

When we face stress, experience challenges or don’t feel in control of what is going on around us, we often struggle with sleep. You might lie in bed feeling physically tired but your mind is racing with thoughts, perhaps even worrying about how you are going to fix your sleep problem.

Once our sleep becomes regularly compromised, we may start to worry and feel anxious about not sleeping, which can perpetuate a vicious cycle of trying to control it – followed by more arousal, wakefulness and worry – and less sleep.

With mindfulness, we can start to pay more attention to our thoughts, and the actions and consequences that follow. We can then be at a point to start to break the cycle and get more sleep. 

This half-day online workshop will provide you with a better understanding of

  • What sleep is;
  • How stress and worry affect sleep;
  • Using mindfulness to ground ourselves in the present moment;
  • Acknowledging and letting go of unwanted thoughts; and
  • How to create healthy sleep habits.

 After the workshop you will have the practical tools to help you step out of the unhelpful patterns of unhelpful doing and worry, and ultimately have better sleep.


  • No previous experience of mindfulness is needed.
  • The workshop is designed for people who find themselves struggling with sleep from time to time especially during stressful periods. It aims to prevent rather than treat insomnia.
  • The workshop is not a substitute for psychotherapy.
  • The workshop will be held online via Zoom. Participants will receive the link a few days before the workshop.