Overcoming Perfectionism with Mindfulness

Overcoming Perfectionism with Mindfulness

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Join us for this masterclass on Mindfulness for Perfectionism with Dr. Pavel Somov, an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, speaker and author. Based on his extensive work using mindfulness in his clinical practice as a psychologist, he has written numerous books to help people overcome common problems using mindfulness-based techniques and reflections. His groundbreaking book: “Present Perfect: Letting go of Perfectionism and the Need to Control” offers a framework to explore the qualities and origins of perfectionism and shift the beliefs and patterns that perpetuate it.

About Mindfulness for Perfectionism

Many perfectionists may not actually identify as such -- but probably do recognise the symptoms and side effects that usually accompany these tendencies: a harsh inner critic, paralysing anxiety, procrastination, along with a persistent inner sense of dread and guilt. Sometimes it might seem like the pride of the perfection outweighs the pain, but in fact when we start to pay more attention with mindfulness, the true cost of perfectionism reveals itself. We start to notice all the subtle compulsions that keep us locked of a perpetual state of striving -- cut off from the ease and flow of the moment that is the true source of the perfection.

Drawing on the tools from Present Perfect and his clinical innovations, Dr. Somov has condensed his approach to what he calls “4 Diamond-Cutting Insights”:

  • A fundamental rethinking of the meaning of perfection and how it applies differently to everyone.
  • A normalization of our core motive and how delusion can work as motivation.
  • How letting go of old perceptions of ourselves can help us grow.
  • A mindfulness experience to shine light on our sometimes compulsively rigid ways of being.

The masterclass will include a combination of didactics and guided experiences.  

  • No prior mindfulness experience required. This masterclass is open and welcome to all.
  • This class will be held on a web-based platform. 
  • Registrants will receive additional details the week before the first session. 

Zoom/Computer Requirements:

You will need:

  • A PC, laptop, Macbook or tablet
  • A webcam and microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • A private space where you can be undisturbed
  • Access to Zoom video conferencing - please note that there is no cost to download Zoom.