In-Person Masterclass: Letting Go of Perfectionism

In-Person Masterclass: Letting Go of Perfectionism

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** Please note, bookings for this event close on Thursday 16. November at 5pm.**

There are many reasons we might develop a propensity to control or to seek perfectionism. Whilst setting high standards can help us to progress, it's important to recognise when our behaviours become extreme or prevent us from living with ease.

When we get caught up in a cycle of aiming for 'perfect' or wanting things to be a certain way, it can begin to weight us down or hold us back. We may experience a sense of constraint or feel locked in a perpetual state of striving - cut off from the flow of the moment.

Challenging side effects and symptoms of such tendencies that might signal that it's time to change tact include:

    • A harsh inner critic
    • Paralysing anxiety
    • Procrastination
    • An inner sense of dread and / or guilt
    • Overwhelming stress
    • Feelings of dissatisfaction

About the Workshop

This full-day in-person workshop will be led by Dr. Pavel Somov, an internationally renowned clinical psychologist, speaker and author.

Based on his extensive work using mindfulness in his clinical practice as a psychologist, Dr. Somov has written numerous books to help people overcome common problems using mindfulness-based techniques and reflections.

His groundbreaking book, 'Present Perfect: Letting Go of Perfectionism & the Need To Control', offers a framework to explore the qualities and origins of perfectionism and shift the beliefs that perpetuate it.

Drawing on the tools from Present Perfect and his clinical innovations, Dr. Somov has condensed his approach into four key insights:

      • A fundamental rethinking of the meaning of perfection
      • A normalisation of our core motive
      • How letting go of old perceptions of ourselves can help us grow
      • An experience to shine light on our compulsively rigid ways of being

The workshop will include a combination of taught and guided experiences, as well as group-work. It will offer an opportunity to connect with others and to learn tools and techniques to create lasting change.

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You Will Need:

        • A pen and paper.
        • Lunch and plenty of water.

Further Information:

      • This class will be held in-person in central London.
      • No mindfulness experience is required.
      • The day will include a lunch break, but does not include food or drink.
      • Registrants will receive additional details a few days prior to the session.
      • This workshop may not be suitable for those experiencing severe difficulties or certain mental health conditions such as PTSD or depression. Please contact us if you are unsure if this session is suitable.
      • We request that participants turn off electronic devices prior to arrival.
      • If you have any accessibility needs please contact us prior to booking.
      • Pre-existing credit and transfers cannot be redeemed against this event with the exception of purchased gift vouchers.
      • There will be a maximum of 60 participants attending event.
      • Registrants will receive additional details a few days before the session.
      • Any property left unattended during the session is at your own risk.
      • If you have any access requirements, please email Please click for >> Accessibility Guidance <<
      • This event is non-refundable within 14-days. Within 14 days a transfer may be possible by emailing at least 72 hours prior.
      • Please see our standard Terms & Conditions.
      • Venue: Central London - 4 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HQ