Mindfulness for Living Well with Cancer: Online Workshop

Mindfulness for Cancer

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  • Mindfulness for Cancer

Those of us affected by cancer know that it can be challenging in so many ways, especially in current times. Every stage of living with cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, brings with it a unique set of worries and what ifs. Evidence-based mindfulness and meditation are often recommended to help us navigate the physical, emotional and psychological challenges with greater ease and acceptance.

Indeed, mindfulness can offer a range of techniques that help to relax body and mind, and better regulate stress responses during times of uncertainty. It also offers a chance to adopt new attitudes and perspectives that can fundamentally shift our experience of what is happening to us. Developing these skills and a regular practice can help us feel more empowered and make us better equipped to face the challenges of cancer as well as bolstering our inner resources for healing and recovery.

This two-hour workshop will introduce the key ways mindfulness can help you or a loved one experience calm and wellbeing, even in the midst of illness. Through a combination of teaching, meditation practice, and group discussion, this interactive session will provide an overview of how mindfulness can help:

  • Reconnect with our bodies, which can provide a place of grounding and support in times of distress.
  • Cope with difficult emotions with more awareness, which helps to reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Bring more awareness to the inner dialogues, beliefs, stories, and worries that might be perpetuating anxiety.
  • Develop heart-opening practices of forgiveness, kindness and compassion that help ease inner tension.
  • Learn how to rediscover and redirect your attention toward the things that really matter to you in order to live well, even with cancer.



  • This class is open to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis, at any stage, and their carers or loved ones.
  • No experience of mindfulness or meditation is required. This workshop is open and welcome to all.
  • This class will be held on a web-based platform. Registrants will receive additional details the week before the session. 

Zoom/Computer Requirements:

  • A PC/Laptop/Macbook or Tablet with access to Zoom. We can also assist with this if you are unsure or have any questions.
  • A webcam and microphone.