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Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

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  • Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

Given how things have unfolded with the coronavirus, we are now offering online mindfulness workshops via zoom. Our experience in running exclusively online programs is that this medium offers an opportunity to have a rich and meaningful connection with the practices and group, from the convenience and comfort of your own space. 

We hope that continuing to offer the workshops in this format will be helpful, especially as mindfulness can be a wonderful tool for coping with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of these challenging circumstances.

About the Day

This workshop is designed as an introduction to mindfulness for those interested in learning how mindfulness can help with anxiety and depression, particularly in the midst of the currrent situation. 

The significant evidence base around mindfulness has shown it to be a highly effective (and NICE-recommended) method of relapse prevention in recurrent depression and as a successful intervention for a variety of anxiety disorders. With practice, mindfulness can help us recognise how we become entangled in streams of worries, self-criticism and ruminative thinking, and slowly learn to break free from these patterns to improve our well-being.

Through psychoeducation, group discussion and short mindfulness practices in this one-day workshop, you will gain a basic understanding of:

  • What mindfulness is and how it can be trained;
  • How depression and anxiety develop and are maintained;
  • Mindfulness practices to help manage anxiety;
  • Mindfulness practices to help accept yourself and face life’s difficulties with self-compassion instead of self-criticism;
  • How the 8-Week Mindfulness Course can help you build the skills to manage your symptoms of anxiety and/or depression longer term.

No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge required.


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