Mindfulness for Addictive Behaviours Workshop

Mindfulness for Addictive Behaviours Workshop

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Many of us have habits and addictive behaviours that we’d like to change. But often despite our best intentions and efforts to make healthier choices, we find ourselves going straight back to our old ways. For some this might be having a cigarette when we feel stressed or binging on food or alcohol when we feel sad.

More than just being “bad habits”, with time and repetition these behaviour patterns actually become strong neural pathways in our brains. Breaking out of the patterns is not easy, and simple willpower (or self-discipline) is just not enough.

What mindfulness offers is skill-power. Mindfulness not only helps with low moods, anxiety and stress, which make us more prone to turning towards unhelpful habits and behaviours. It also teaches us how to surf the urge of acting out a habit, so we can become more resilient when such addictive urges arise. With practice, we can slowly break out of those habits and start making healthier choices for good.

About the Workshop

The workshop will be led by Devin Ashwood, leading addictions specialist and the primary Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention teacher trainer in the UK, and Nicola Mouat, mental health nurse and mindfulness teacher experienced in working with addictions.

Through psychoeducation, group discussion and short mindfulness practices, this online introductory workshop will cover:

  • What mindfulness is and how it can be trained;
  • How to recognise cravings and let go of the sticky thoughts of cigarettes, alcohol, etc before they draw us in;
  • Mindfulness practices to help us become more resilient in the face of our addictive urges (‘urge surfing’); and
  • How we can be more kind and accepting to ourselves when we make the wrong choice and give in to our habits. Instead of being self-critical, which is not helpful in breaking bad habits.

This workshop is based on the evidence-based Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) course, developed at the University of Washington, for individuals in recovery from addictive behaviours.

The workshop is suitable for anyone who is affected by addictive behaviours, be that drugs, alcohol, smoking, food issues, gambling or sex addiction. Attendees should be in recovery, not currently physically dependent on substances and attend the workshop sober and clean.


  • This class will be held online via Zoom.
  • No previous mindfulness experience required. 
  • Attendees should be in recovery, not currently physically dependent on substances and attend the workshop sober and clean. Tobacco / nicotine smokers are welcome to attend.
  • Registrants will receive additional details a few days before the session. 
  • To apply for a concession rate please email friend@londonmindful.com