Mindfulness and Racial Diversity for Everyone

Mindfulness and Racial Diversity for Everyone

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We are going through a time when the world is waking up and confronting the reality of racism. We're waking up to truths about ourselves, our relationships to each other, to systems of violence, to the effect of capitalism in sustaining racism, and ultimately to the fact that we can no longer continue living like we have in the past, and need to find new ways forward.

We might want to learn and understand about racism, we might be realising how much racism has impacted us, and wish to explore how to unpack the impact of our histories and our biases. We will address the important work of being with personal and wider deep hurt, in order to embody radical love for ourselves and each other.

This part-didactic and part-experiential workshop will focus on:

  • Being present and embodied with mindfulness,
  • Some of the context of mindfulness teachings and how they relate to racism,
  • Mindful grieving of our illusions about what we can and cannot know,
  • Socially unacceptable and socially acceptable racism,
  • Exploring questions to unpack biases,
  • How to use mindfulness to work with emotions,
  • An overview of mindful communication, and
  • A kindness practice.
No prior mindfulness experience required. This workshop is open and welcome to all.


  • This class will be held on a web-based platform. 
  • The teacher and participants will be live and visible at various times. Do contact us (friend@londonmindful.com) if you'd like to check out/test the online platform & your internet connection beforehand.

Zoom/Computer Requirements:

You will need: