Mindful Parenting Workshop

Mindful Parenting Workshop

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  • Mindful Parenting Workshop

Parenting can be immensely rewarding and nourishing, but can also be stressful and involve a non-stop stream of changing emotions. Of all the variables we face as parents, the one we can have the most influence over is ourselves. With mindfulness we can learn to slow down and attend to our children and ourselves with greater awareness and compassion, so that we better manage our responses and fully appreciate more of the precious moments with our families.

Through psychoeducation, group discussion and short mindfulness practices, this one-day workshop will cover:

  • The ways in which stress can negatively impact our parenting;
  • How mindfulness can help us bring more awareness to our patterns of reactivity;
  • Simple mindfulness practices to improve our ability to listen, communicate and regulate our emotions as parents;
  • How self-compassion can help us when we feel that we aren’t living up to our own or other’s standards; and
  • Practical ways in which we can use mindfulness to nurture ourselves as well as our children.
As parents, the best way to share mindfulness with our children is to exemplify it in our relationships with them. This, in turn, will teach them to how to better manage stress and emotions, and improve their overall sense of self-mastery and well-being.


Note: No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge required. This workshop is designed as an introduction to mindfulness for parents, which would ideally be followed by an 8-week course for those with no previous mindfulness experience.