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Mindful Management

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About Mindful Management

Mindfulness in the workplace has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Mindfulness has been shown to help people become more resilient in the face of challenges, better manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, performance and enhance cognitive abilities -- skills that can help people thrive in the workplace and have greater job satisfaction.

Mindfulness can also help leaders -- aspiring or current -- to excel in their managerial role. It can form a key part of any manager’s toolbox to create a positive working environment and enable their team to thrive and perform to the best of their ability. Mindfulness helps to train key skills that are an essential part of being an effective and successful leader -- it develops self-awareness, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, communication and provides a supportive resource for managing the stresses and frustrations that can arise in the workplace.

About the Workshop

In this one-day workshop, we will explore how mindfulness can support you in becoming a more effective and present leader/manager. Through mindfulness practices, teaching, group discussion and reflection, the workshop will explore the key teachings and practices that mindfulness can offer in order to support you in excelling as a leader.

The workshop will cover:

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness & the Neuroscience behind it,
  • Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence -- regaining clarity and focus,
  • Developing Self-Awareness -- emotions & decision making,
  • Managing Oneself -- identifying triggers and how to manage difficult emotions,
  • Mindfully Managing Others: Empathy & the Importance of Connection
  • Mindful Communication and how to manage difficult conversations, and
  • How to develop your own meditation practice for mindful leadership.

And one of the best ways to bring mindfulness into a workplace, and share it with employees, is to exemplify it in our own behaviours. This workshop is suitable for anyone in a leadership or managerial role, or those who are aspiring to be. No prior mindfulness experience is required.


  • This class will be held on a web-based platform. 
  • The teacher and participants will be live and visible at various times. There will be group and one-to-one interaction as you would expect in a traditional classroom setting. Do contact us ( if you'd like to check out/test the online platform & your internet connection beforehand.
  • Registrants will receive additional details the week before the first session.
  • A certificate of attendance can be provided on request.

Zoom/Computer Requirements:

You will need: