Grow Your Mindfulness Practice: A One-Day Workshop

Grow Your Mindfulness Practice:  A One-Day Workshop

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When we finish an eight week mindfulness course it can be difficult to keep our practice alive. We may find that without the support of an ongoing group and expert guidance we stop growing and developing our practice.

This interactive day of practice and learning will explore how to support mindfulness practice beyond an eight week mindfulness course. Through meditation, reflection and discussion we will explore how you can keep your practice alive in ways that serve you. 

During the day we also will explore several key questions that can serve to guide and refine your practice.

  • What am I doing? As we begin to learn mindfulness it’s easy to fall into habitual, automatic ways of practicing that may not be serving us. Learning to gently inquire into what we are actually doing can help us clarify and refine our practice.
  • What do I want? Sometimes referred to as our intention, the reasons we are practicing may not always be clear. Clarifying these can provide much needed motivation for our practice. In addition we can begin to see if what we are doing is actually in service of what we want.
  • What’s getting in the way? It’s normal for challenges to arise within meditation practice. From sleepiness and mind wandering to restlessness and deeper anxieties, if we can find a way to work with these experiences they can help us deepen into a more skilful and fruitful way of practicing.

The day will include extended periods of guided mindfulness practice, as well as group inquiry and discussion.


NOTE: This retreat is intended ONLY for people who have already completed an 8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MBCT) Course. If you're new to mindfulness, we recommend that you start by attending an 8-Week Course or one of our introductory mindfulness sessions. Please see our Course Calendar for more information.