Graduate Mindfulness Course

Graduate Mindfulness Course

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  • Graduate Mindfulness Course

The 8-Week Mindfulness Course is the most common starting point for people learning to practice mindfulness, and for most participants the course results in life-changing learning that will serve them long after the eight weeks are complete.

The most common question at the end of the foundation course is what comes next. Indeed it can be challenging to maintain a regular practice without the structure and support of a group. This course has been designed as a way for graduates to reconnect with or deepen their practice and benefit from the guidance of a teacher and other fellow meditators again.

Through a combination of practice, dialogue and discussion this 4-week course will look at how we can build and sustain a strong mindfulness practice. The course will explore:

  • Engage with the barriers to practicing, which may include avoidance, discomfort, boredom. 
  • Connect with and stay motivated by the ways mindfulness helps us build resilience and courage.
  • Work with challenging emotions without repressing them or getting overwhelmed.
  • Connect with positive mind states such as joy and gratitude. 
  • Energise your practice by aligning your actions with your values.
  • Establish a consistent practice approach that works for you and feels sustainable beyond the course.


This course is only for people who have attended an 8-Week Mindfulness Course (either at The Mindfulness Project or somewhere else).