Graduate Mindfulness Course: Building a Strong Practice

Graduate Mindfulness Course

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  • Graduate Mindfulness Course
When you think of building a strong practice you might think about how you can develop a consistent practice, and how you can sustain your practice over days, weeks, months and years. 
But what about a practice which also develops strength? Qualities such as steadiness, resilience, courage and energy? How can we learn to be steady through the ups and downs of our lives? And how we can meet our hearts and minds without getting lost or overwhelmed?
This 4 week course for graduates will explore different aspects of strength, how we can weave them into our mindfulness practice and embody them in our lives. Over the course of 4 weeks we will explore:
  • steadying and grounding mindfulness practices;
  • how to work with difficult emotions in a skilful way;
  • applying mindfulness to the choices and actions we take; and
  • how to develop a consistent formal practice plan that works for you.


This course is only for people who have attended an 8-Week Mindfulness Course (either at The Mindfulness Project or somewhere else).