Evening Workshop: Stress & Sleep

Stress & Sleep

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  • Stress & Sleep

This evening workshop has been designed for those who are interested in learning more about the bidirectional relationship between sleep and stress, and how a mindful way of living can support well-being. 

Research has shown that stress, anxiousness and overwhelm can impact many areas of our well-being with one main area of concern being the amount and the quality of our rest and sleep.

Sleep has been shown to have a postive impact on many areas of our lives, including helping us respond to stressful situations more effectively. However, how we spend our waking day, and how stressed or wound up we feel can negatively impact our night-time sleep. It can be a vicious cycle, which ultimately effects not only our own health, energy levels and emotional well-being, but also our relationships with family and colleagues, our performance at work, and our ability to find solutions to these issues.

Establishing healthy sleep patterns and pro-active stress strategies can shift you from surviving to thriving. They will help you live a happier life with more energy, better focus & purpose, more connected relationships and improved physical and emotional health.

The session will be informational and experiential, and include:

  • Why sleep, and quality of sleep, are important for our health & wellbeing,
  • How stress affects sleep,
  • How to recognise stress & effectively manage it, so we can create better sleep patterns long term,
  • The benefits of meditation for stress & sleep, including a guided practice, and
  • Tips and remedies for a peaceful night’s sleep and how to ease stress during the day.


  • No previous experience of mindfulness is needed. 
  • The workshop is designed for people who find themselves struggling with sleep from time to time especially during stressful periods. 
  • The workshop is not a substitute for psychotherapy.