Digital Detox: Unplug and Reconnect with Mindfulness

Digital Detox

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We live in an age of “always on”. The ability to connect 24/7 with work, friends and family can be really positive – but can also leave us feeling distracted or overwhelmed. We may feel that we never really stop work, or that we need to check our social media constantly. We may sense that often we are not truly present, that perhaps we aren’t listening deeply to others, and are instead substituting or diluting real opportunities for connection with digital distraction.

Take a day off -- and offline -- to learn how mindfulness can help us regain control of the automatic habits of checking our phones, being drawn into emails and social media or surfing the net. This one-day workshop will combine mindfulness theory and practice with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques supported by the research on habit formation and change. Through a combination of explanation, discussion, group work, reflection and practical exercises the workshop will:

  • Investigate our relationship with our devices and gain understanding into our tendency to develop unhelpful habits.
  • Review the research into the effects of digital technology and the science of habit formation and addiction.
  • Look at how mindfulness can help us develop a healthier relationship with our devices. Explore mindfulness and movement practices that help support us in working with habits and behaviour change.
  • Clarify your values and identify goals that you can work towards beyond the workshop.

It will be a day to actually practice being away from your devices while also learning simple take-away practices that can help keep you grounded in the present and surf the urges for constant connectivity. It might seem counterintuitive, but through regular practice, we can become more productive and at the same time reduce our stress levels. This in turn will feed the motivation to regularly dedicate time and space to be offline and away from our devices to reconnect with what matters.


No previous experience of mindfulness is needed. The workshop is designed for people who are new to mindfulness as well as those who have an established practice.