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Mindful Eating Workshop

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  • Mindful Eating Workshop

About Mindful Eating:

We seldom take the time to really gauge our hunger, focus on our food or even truly savour a few bites. As a result, we often eat when we’re not really hungry, and eat too fast, too much and too unhealthily. Diets that teach us to restrict our calorie intake or eliminate certain foods have proven to be unsustainable, and our dieting can cultivate an unhealthy relationship to food.

With respect and love for the body as a starting point, mindful eating helps us get to the heart of emotional and physical eating challenges and can transform our relationship with food and the way we eat. Mindful Eating is not about restriction or treating our bodies unkindly, but rather about developing a postive relationship with the body so we eat from a place of nourishment and care, and trust in our bodies signals to guide our food choices.

About the day:

In this experiential workshop you will learn a variety of mindfulness techniques including eating exercises, self kindness, and guided meditations. You will learn how to use your body’s cues to help guide your decisions to begin and stop eating, and ultimately how to eat the foods you like without guilt and without overeating. By learning how to replace self-criticism with self-nurturing, you’ll gain freedom from worries about food, eating, and weight.




  • No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge required.