Becoming Trauma-Sensitive with David Treleaven: Making Mindfulness and Meditation Safe for Trauma

Becoming Trauma-Sensitive with David Treleaven: Making Mindfulness and Meditation Safe for Trauma

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From schools to psychotherapy offices, mindfulness meditation is an increasingly mainstream practice. At the same time, trauma remains a fact of life: the majority of us will experience a traumatic event in our lifetime, and some will develop post-traumatic stress. Mindfulness is a proven stress-reduction tool -- and as trauma is an extreme form of stress then mindfulness may appear to be a good thing -- however, the reality creates a complex challenge.

Emerging research suggests that mindfulness interventions can help or hinder trauma survivors, raising a crucial question for mindfulness educators everywhere: How can you be prepared to minimise the potential dangers of mindfulness for survivors while leveraging its powerful benefits at the same time?

Designed for wellness professionals, this one-day workshop -- led by author and trauma specialist, David Treleaven, PhD -- will equip you with the tools you need to offer mindfulness in a safe, effective, trauma-sensitive way.

Through lecture, case study, and experiential practice, you will leave the workshop:

  • Understanding why meditation can create dysregulation for people who’ve experienced trauma and specific ways you can prevent this;
  • Prepared to recognise symptoms of traumatic stress while offering mindfulness interventions;
  • Informed about current empirical research regarding mindfulness and trauma, including evidence-based interventions you can apply immediately to your work;
  • Equipped with tools and modifications to help you work skillfully with dysregulated arousal, traumatic flashbacks, and trauma-related dissociation;
  • Understanding the relationship between individual and systemic forms of trauma, including responsibilities to educate oneself about power, oppression, and social context.

Whether you're a beginning or experienced practitioner, anyone engaged in offering contemplative practices will benefit from this workshop, including therapists, coaches, and meditation, classroom, yoga, or religious teachers.


  • No prior mindfulness experience required.
  • The price includes tea & coffee with pastries/biscuits during the breaks. Lunch is not included.