8-Week Mindfulness Course (MBCT for Life)

MBCT for Life

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Mindfulness offers not only a way of reducing stress and preventing low mood, it also holds tremendous potential to improve the way we live, helping us to thrive and experience a deeper sense of joy, contentment and resilience.

The Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Life (MBCT-L) curriculum is a new course developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre as a way to make the mindfulness practices and cognitive-behavioural techniques of the traditional MBCT for depression programme more accessible to all. It uses the same evidence-based teaching principles and practices that have been shown to promote the progressive development of mindfulness skills and bring about lasting changes in wellbeing. Participants will come away better equipped to self-regulate their stress levels, cope with difficulty, and also access a sense of savouring and appreciation for what’s good in their lives.

The sessions will explore the essential principles of mindfulness through a combination of guided meditation practices, insightful exercises, and group discussion around the practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life.

Key Learning Points and Outcomes

  • A variety of formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, using the breath and body as a focus for being aware of our experience in the present moment.
  • Understanding the physiology of stress and how to self-regulate our moods, so that we are better able to pause in challenging situations and manage our responses more effectively.
  • Recognising the patterns of worrying and self-criticism that often generate more stress; and how we can relate to ourselves with a more accepting and kind stance.
  • Developing practical self-care tools to help us thrive, perform at our best, and build resilience.
  • Learning how to care better for ourselves, with additional practices for appreciation and gratitude, and for allowing and befriending all of our experience.

To support your practice during and beyond the course, participants will receive access to the MBCT-L workbook and accompanying app, including the guided meditations for home practice and reference materials. In between the sessions there will be a daily home practice of around 40 minutes, an essential component of the course that helps to build mindfulness into your everyday life and access the benefits of the practice.

Course Format

This course follows a different format to the traditional 8-week course, which takes place on a weekly basis. Instead, it consists of four, 4-hour sessions that meet on a fortnightly basis -- making it an ideal option for those unable to attend a weekday course or better-suited to attending fewer sessions. Towards the end of the course, there will be a a full day retreat, which is designed so you can take a nourishing day for yourself—to practice and deepen what you’ve learnt.