8-Week Mindful Art Therapy Course

Mindful Art Therapy Course

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  • Mindful Art Therapy Course

Art therapy is a practice that uses a mixture of art making and verbal expression to encourage self-exploration, contemplation and awareness. Bringing art therapy and mindfulness together offers a unique opportunity to experience the here-and-now of our experience and to gain deeper insight into our inner self and emotions through art. 

This mindful art therapy course will be offered as two-hour sessions over eight consecutive weeks. Through a combination of art making, poetry, mindfulness practices and group discussion, you will be invited to explore your subjective and intersubjective experiences using a variety of dry art material ranging from oil and chalk pastels, collage, pens and charcoal. 

Mindful art therapy can help us to:

  • Explore our own experience and deepen our awareness of our mind, body, feelings and thoughts;
  • Deepen our connection to our emotional nature and inner world using expression and curiosity;
  • Cultivate a playful, non-judgmental, validating attitude;
  • Develop empathy and positive regard towards the self and others;
  • Strengthen our present moment awareness, through noticing our sensations; and
  • Better understand the ideas and meaning conveyed symbolically and metaphorically in the images we produce.

You will come away with basic mindfulness skills that will not only help you self-regulate your nervous system and reduce stress, but will also help you explore your inner and outer world with greater curiosity, creativity, and compassion.


  • No previous experience or expertise in art necessary. All experience levels of mindfulness practice are welcome, but a beginner’s mind is encouraged for all.
  • All art materials will be provided.
  • Lunch is not included. You are welcome to bring your lunch or go to one of the nearby shops/cafes during the break. 

Note regarding coronavirus

As you would expect, we are keeping a close eye on the unfolding situation. At the moment we are planning to run the courses & workshops as usual, but in the event that it becomes necessary or obligatory to limit in-person gatherings, then we will be moving the sessions to our online platform.

We do have a special contingency plan in place for people who have booked and are then individually effected by the coronavirus or asked to self-isolate. These participants are asked to get directly in touch with us at friend@londonmindful.com.