8-Week Breathworks Course - Mindfulness for Chronic Pain & Illness

8-Week Breathworks Course - Mindfulness for Chronic Pain & Illness

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Mindfulness can help people living with chronic pain and illness to improve and even transform their quality of life. The ‘Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course’, is designed to help us bring compassionate awareness to our experience of pain or illness, so we can make choices about how we respond, rather than reacting in an automatic or habitual way.

Mindfulness has been applied to help relieve the suffering arising from a wide range of chronic conditions including back pain, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. All of these can take an emotional toll that can exacerbate our experience of the symptoms themselves.

About the Mindfulness for Health course

The Mindfulness for Health course has been designed by Vidyamala Burch, based on 25 years experience of using mindfulness to help manage severe pain. The course consists of eight, 2-hour sessions, which will include guided mindfulness meditations, a wide range of mindful movement practices, group discussion and home assignments. The course will teach you a variety of mindfulness practices, help you develop your own daily practice, and provide a toolkit of resources to support you well beyond the course.

The key learning points include

  • Formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, which involve using the breath and body as a focus for reconnecting with ourselves in the present moment, rather than pushing away from our experience;
  • Simple mindful movement practices that can nourish our bodies and help us manage and reduce pain and suffering;
  • How to use mindfulness to help cope with pain, illness and fatigue in daily life;
  • How to respond rather than react to difficulties in our life;
  • How we can bring compassion and kindness to our experience and towards others; and
  • Developing a daily practice and self-care toolkit.



  • Our space is located on the second floor (4 flights of stairs) of a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse, with no lift access. Please get in touch with us (friend@londonmindful.com) if you would like to see photos of the stairs or to check if the space will be accessible for you.
  • The course is based on the book Mindfulness for Health, by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman. A copy of the book will be provided in the first session.
  • The course is open to all, whether you’re suffering from pain, chronic pain or illness, chronic fatigue or stress, or any other condition that has affected your health and wellbeing. Please contact us (friend@londonmindful.com) if you have any concerns about whether the course is right for you.